THELIFE Centre – A Holistic Approach

Workplace Improvements & Employee Wellness Programs with a difference

We all know that exercise and good nutrition are an important foundation for a well being program – but if you want to make a real difference for the health and well being of your employees, a holistic wellness approach might give you more success because it goes beyond these basics.

The fundamental difference: A Holistic Health Approach is based on a deeper understanding of Life and Health. It acknowledges that the human system is an open system and not – like wrongly postulated by medical science – a closed system that only responds to substances that are chemically bound within the body.

The term “open system” means that subtle energy vibrations or electromagnetic fields have a direct impact on the human system. This may be a healing impact if we are connected to a Bio – Resonance device for example – or it can be a health damaging factor, if we are surrounded with electromagnetic fields and artificial materials in our homes and workplaces.

A holistic approach also concludes that the human system has the possibility for self – healing at any time. In our society we still often have the misconception that we need a medicinal drug or surgery when we become sick. However, if the causes for the health problems are identified and corrected, essential nutrients are delivered to the system and at the same time disharmonious energies (like Electro Smog) are removed from the living and working space, complete healing of the body can occur easily.

To make considerable improvements in staff well being, increased concentration and productivity, take the first step and acknowledge that your employees are very likely to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation every day, which is detrimental to their health and reduces their ability for concentration. Once the problem is acknowledged, solutions can be found easily. Let us help you to improve the health and well being of yourself and your staff by clearing the electromagnetic stress in your office premises.

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