Mission / Vision Statement

Mission Statement

TheLife Centre’s purpose is to provide cutting edge services, products and information to increase your staffs’ well being and their ability to focus and work more efficiently. We are motivated to help your employees’ realizing that they have the power to increase and shape their health and well being at any time in their life. We provide them with knowledge and understanding how to prevent diseases and increase their health and energy by improving their life style and nutritional choices. We can help you to create a truly healthy, energetic and harmonious environment that supports health and efficiency in your staff. Because we are a Centre for Holistic Health Research we are able to offer the newest and most efficient Health – knowledge and tools for you and your staff.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to play a vital part in creating a more healthy, sustainable and ethical society. By providing cutting- edge information and services to companies and individuals we believe we can make a difference to help company staff and individuals to come to their full potential in wellbeing and productivity – physically, mentally and emotionally.

By setting examples in creating workplaces free of Electromagnetic Stress we intend to build up an increasing awareness about the strong impact of electromagnetic radiation on health, wellbeing and the reduction of stress levels.

We intend to set a new standard for employee wellbeing recognizing Feng Shui, Lifestyle & Nutritional Coaching and Electromagnetic Stress Harmonization as important key factors to improve staff health, energy and performance.