Employee Wellness

A holistic approach to employee well-being

The importance of employee well-being is widely recognized. The world’s top companies offer special programs for their employees to improve their health. In that way they are sure that employees keep energized and motivated to bring excellent returns to the companies.

The importance of clearing Electro smog in your business premises

Conventional well being approaches often simply ignore the tremendous impact that electromagnetic radiation has on our well being and health. Just to name a few “side effects” of electromagnetic radiation in the average business building:
Cognitive impairment, memory deficit, EEG modifications, DNA damage, chromosome aberrations, micro nucleus formation, fetal malformation, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, altered cellular calcium efflux and altered cell proliferation. You can do your own research, here are some links with scientific reports: http://www.emfbioeffects.org; http://www.microwavenews.com; http://www.powerwatch.org.uk; http://www.magdahavas.com. There is a huge amount of articles on Dr. Mercola’s site: http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/default.aspx – it’s worth to check them out.

As the average EMF exposure is quite high in most company buildings, you just need to count 1 and 1 together to comprehend what effects this has on your employee well-being. 9 out of 10 buildings have far too high EMF exposure according to building biology standards.

As a business that is interested in promoting employee health to get an optimum workforce in return, you have to spend some thought on how to improve the Electro smog situation in your business premises. There is a wide variety of options to improve the biological atmosphere in a building. The only problem is that many of the widely promoted solutions give little results and others are very expensive.
This is where an expert can help you.