Staff Wellness Workshops

An important part of our activities is education on health. Frank has spend many years with alternative health research to gather experience about those factors that make a fundamental difference for one’s well-being and health. He also strongly feels that the information about health that is publicly available is more than insufficient to get people off the track of serious civilization diseases. There is a widespread public misunderstanding about the most fundamental factors in health. This is reflected in the WHO definition of Health:  “Health is the absence of disease” – we think this is a very poor and insufficient definition of Health.
In his talks and workshops he aims to give a simple and fundamental understanding how our body works.
With this knowledge he designed several workshops and talks for corporate well-being:

1. Health Awareness – Workshop

2. Nutrition and Super foods – Workshop

3. Meditation and Clarity – Workshop

4. Causes of degenerative disease and prevention – Talk

5. Electromagnetic Stress – how it affects us and what do do – Talk

6. Solutions for Depression and mental Health – Talk

For more details please look at our separate “Talks and Workshops” section.