First step – clearing EMFs

The Benefits of clearing Electromagnetic Stress in your Business premises

Addressing this issue for a business can have a major impact for the physical and emotional well being of the employees. High frequency radiation from wireless appliances and mobile phone/ WIFI masts is known to affect our ability to concentrate and think clearly. A work environment that is free of electromagnetic stress will lead to higher levels of focus and concentration among staff – as a result the work force is much more efficient, faster and makes less mistakes.
Clearing electromagnetic stress will also improve emotional well being among employees and it is very likely to reduce risks of cancer and other serious diseases among the employees (and of course the employers who work in the same environment).

For your business this will eventually result in reduced absenteeism, reduced stress, increased productivity and motivation, positive work environment and reduced staff turnover.

For more information about how electromagnetic stress actually affects our body, please go here: