The Survey

What to expect from a Survey of your business premises:

1.  The biological impact of electromagnetic radiation in your business premises is analyzed using Bio-Resonance equipment. (just by measuring the technical radiation with technical equipment we can not determine the biological effects, for that reason technical measurements alone appear to be inefficient)

2.  The EMF and geopathic stress level in selected employees is tested individually With “Rayonex” Bio-Resonance equipment.

3. Technical equipment is used to survey the hotspots of electro smog in your business premises

4. Devices that alter the biological impact of electromagnetic and geopathic stress are installed. These shield negative biological information from incoming high frequency radiation (from mobile phone and WIFI masts that are located within 20 kilometres of the building). The biological impact caused by the radiation emitted from the house wiring is also greatly reduced by installing the devices. Additional devices are installed at all computer monitors to neutralize the biological stress from the computer radiation. WIFI appliances are also harmonized with separate devices.