Feng Shui

Bring Life back into your house – make it a healing space!

The Life – it is mysterious. It is an intelligence and force permeating all creatures and substances. There is a subtle and inherent order within all life. Humans tend to distort or distroy this order, as they are not aware of it.

In the ancient chinese culture, the people had amazing gifts to link to this inherent and divine order and study it in detail. The ancient Chinese called these subtle intelligent forces “Feng & Shui” (wind & water). It has always been an important part of Chinese Medicine, as it was known, that you can’t regain health and inner balance, if the Feng Shui at your home is not right.

Feng Shui is an empirical science that is based on detailed observations, calculations and experiments, written down over hundreds of years. This knowledge about influences and interactions between human, nature and cosmos represents a unique treasure that can help us to get back into harmony with our environment.

With Feng Shui you can point out exactly if there are disturbances in the atmosphere of a house or of an area which can affect the health and wellbeing of the inhabitants.

The complex art of Feng Shui has solutions to alter these destructive forces and to create peoples environment harmonic and according to the laws of the nature and the universe.

Frank is a consultant who travels the whole country to examine houses and businesses according to Feng Shui.

His Vision as an experienced Feng Shui Consultant and Dowser is to help you to create a vibrant and beautiful home. He can help you to solve problems in your house or office, that might have been a longterm cause for unhappiness or ill-health. He can help you to connect your living space to the all-pervading divine intelligence-providing you with strength, healing energy and balance.

His Tools to achieve this for you are his subtle intuition to sense problematic energies and his ability to communicate with the spiritual dimensions of your living space, that allows him to access any information needed to balance your home or office. Furthermore he uses technics of dowsing and kinesiology to detect problems, as well as Bio-Resonance methods.

In his work, he uses the traditional chinese flying star calculations as well as the Landscape- and Form School of Feng Shui. Apart from these traditional elements, he developed a style of Feng Shui that is especially adopted for the European living conditions.

An Examination for electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress is included in every consultation. The results of the examination are included in a 10 – 16 pages printed report. Frank also does site examinations and assists the planning for new houses.

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