Frequently asked Questions

1. How do I know this method of Electro Smog neutralization works?

Some people can directly feel the difference of a electromagnetically polluted space and a clear space. Identify those employees in your business that are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and ask them how they perceive the changes. The problem is that the majority of the population is exposed to large amounts of electromagnetic radiation. This is the reason why the sensitivity in their body is decreased, because they couldn’t function in a radiated environment if their body would maintain the natural sensitivity. That is why many people initially can not feel the difference between an environment free from EMF and an electro-polluted environment. Even so many people can not directly and immediately feel it, they will notice small changes for the better in their well being and their ability to relax and concentrate. Over the time these small changes will result in a significant improvement in health and well being.


2. What is the difference between this method of clearing electromagnetic stress and other methods

The method that we use for clearing your premises from electromagnetic and geopathic stress was found to be the most efficient method to clear the biological effects of EM radiation. We have tested dozens of methods in the past 10 years with the aid of Bio-Resonance, dowsing and kinesiology – but no other method obtained results that were similarly efficient.
The difference is that this method can clear 80-90% of the biological effects of em. radiation while most other methods only clear 30-50%. The methods that are traditionally used in building biology (Baubiologie) obtain very good results using shielding materials in the building, but they do not have sufficient solutions to clear the stresses from personal computers and wifi devices. Another disadvantage of traditional building biology methods is the high cost and the fact that they do create a space that is biologically dead (faraday cage).


3. Is this method scientifically proven?

The efficiency of this method of EMF suppression can be proven with the method of Bio – Resonance testing, kinesiology, radionics, vega-testing and dowsing.