Health Awareness Workshop

This workshop is designed to give you and your staff advanced knowledge about Health, Wellness, Prevention and Healing for Diseases that is not widely publicly available. We will discuss the causes for all major diseases, the role of nutrition, electromagnetic & geopathic stress, environmental toxins, parasites, genetic predisposition and various other factors. In his precise understanding about Health, Frank does not only offer insights into why so many people suffer from diseases, lack of energy or depression – he is also able offer solutions in lifestyle, nutrition, detoxification and Electro Smog suppression that can turn things around significantly.
We offer a short and a comprehensive version of this workshop. With the comprehensive version, you should be able to fully understand how the ageing process works (and how you can slow it down significantly), which kind of food your body needs for optimum health and performance, which factors cause degenerative diseases and how to prevent and heal them.
For more detailed information please contact us. We also encourage you to read the articles on this website.