Health Screening / Bio – Resonance

We try to help individuals to improve their health and well being by testing for the factors in their system that cause Health Imbalances. Testing is done with a Rayonex Bio – Resonance system. Bio-Resonance therapies can be seen as a sophisticated form of vibrational medicine which allows the self healing abilities of the patient to be enhanced – this allows a healing process and not only symptom treatment.
The basic testing includes 20 different forms of geopathic and electromagnetic stress, heavy metal intoxication, most common parasites, mineral deficiencies and a bioenergetic test for the different organs.

It is not the aim to diagnose for the symptom of a disease but to get an overview of how the body is functioning and what factors are prevalent that will reduce health over time and eventually may lead to an illness. We are identifying metabolic disturbances, which result in the accumulation of toxins in specific parts of the body – those areas of the body are the “breeding areas” for serious problems in the future. By addressing those problems in time, we can make sure that we wont run into trouble later on in our life. At the same time our energy and performance will increase significantly.