At present we offer the following employee well being packages:

1. Energy Optimization – clearing Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress

Creating an atmosphere free from electromagnetic stress in your business premises  is the foundation for an increased well being and efficiency amongst your employees. We strongly recommend to make this service part of your package. Real well being can not be achieved in today’s electro – polluted environments.
For details about this service please look at the section “employee wellness” in more detail.
The cost for this service varies according to building size and shape, number of employees and technical equipment.
To give you a rough idea about the prices: to neutralize em. stress per employee / workstation approx €100.- plus € 300.- per 150 sq. meter of ground floor size. The fee for the initial assessment varies from €400 to €1000, depending on the size of the building. For large buildings or large numbers of employees prices will be lower.

2. Energy Optimization plus Feng Shui

This package includes the above service plus an additional Feng Shui consultation. The Feng Shui consultation includes space clearing (clearing of negative emotional and spiritual energies), activation of energy centres in your premises.
Flying star calculations (this is like a horoscope for your building, showing positive and negative energy zones and how to balance them according to Feng Shui). Advice how to balance the yin / yang energy and the 5 elements. Advice how to optimize the room layout to improve the energy flow and increase wealth.

Please contact us for a quote.

3. Individual Consultations & Health Screening

In a individual Consultation we analyze the health situation of an individual by identifying factors that are known contributors to health problems such as toxins, heavy metal intoxication, parasites, mineral deficiencies, individual exposure to electromagnetic or geopathic stress. Testing is done with a Rayonex Bio-Resonance system. This equipment is highly advanced and especially designed to test for causes of health problems. It is used by holistic doctors and naturopaths all over the world for health screening and therapy.
During the consultation we discuss the individuals’ health problems and how they are related to the factors that we have identified through the bio-resonance testing.  We also discuss possible supplements, life style and nutritional changes that can be favorable for long term health improvement. This leads to a refined understanding of ones own health situation and more detailed knowledge which measurements will bring most well being success.
The fees for this service are €90 per employee.

4. E-mail coaching service

We also offer an e-mail coaching service as part of our employee well being program. After an individual consultation different questions regarding nutrition, lifestyle or therapy might come up after some time. With our e-mail coaching service, employees can get individual expert health advice anytime they need it. Fees are depending on the quantity of users, please contact us.

5. Employee Health Talks and Workshops

Talks and workshops are designed that they can fit into different time slots and scenarios – like a full holistic health weekend fair or just a 1 or 2 hour motivational talk. Knowledge about health and practical guidance how to implement a healthier lifestyle and nutrition are a foundation for behavioral improvement and an increase in efficiency and well being. For more information on our talks and workshops please see section “talks and workshop” on right sidebar.

6. Nutritional advice and products

Nutritional advice is part of our “Individual Consultation”. We also offer unique energy boosting supplements. Some of them you can find in our “shop” section.